Moldova President’s Plan to Siphon National Bank Profits Criticised

Economic and political analysts in Moldova have criticised an initiative by President Igor Dodon and the government led by Ion Chicu to shift 50 per cent of the National Bank of Moldova's annual profits into the state budget, describing it as a populist move that will not benefit ordinary people in the country.

Fees bank can charge clients reduced

The range and the levels of fees and commissions that local banks can charge retail and commercial clients have been lowered, the Turkish Central Bank and the country's banking watchdog regulator (BDDK) have announced.

The measures will cut the various charges banks can charge financial consumers to 16 from 20, the BDDK said.

Possible risks to NPE reduction plan

Pau Labro Vila, Director of Financial Institutions at Fitch Ratings, told Kathimerini that nonperforming exposures of Greek banks will continue to decline to reach 25 percent by year-end, leading also to an improvement in the credit sector's profitability. However Fitch sees execution risks to banks' plans for the drop in the NPE rate to single digits in the coming years.