New 100-lev Banknote Enters Circulation Today

A new banknote with a nominal value of BGN 100 / about 51 € / from 2018 is in circulation today, reported the Bulgarian National Radio. 

It will be valid along with the old one, which was issued back in 2003. The Bulgarian National Bank reported that the release of the new series is necessary for raising security.

Significant Increase of Fake Banknotes in Bulgaria during the Holidays

A boom of fake banknotes in Bulgaria during the holidays, NOVA reports.

Experts warn that during the big shopping in Christmas and New Year there is the greatest risk of getting fake money in your wallet.

In most cases, they are banknotes of BGN 20.

Counterfeits are even coins. The Central Bank started replacing the levs with new, more protected series.

Bulgarian National Bank Releases New 100 BGN Banknote (Video)

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) launches a new series of banknotes. The common design and basic features of the new series banknote are preserved without any substantial changes to the banknotes that are in circulation. Changes in the new series' banknotes stem mainly from the introduction of new security features, the bank said. The banknote will be in circulation from 28 December 2018.

Bulgarian Police Busted Fake Money Printing Factory for US Dollars in Varna

Bulgarian police busted fake money printing factory for US dollars in Varna, reported bTV. 

Policemen detained three people who have been charged, the Interior Ministry said.

A total of about $ 1,350,000 have been seized from the printing factory, some of them were not even finished. 

Bulgarian Police Busted the Biggest Fake Money Printing Factory for the Past 11 Years

Bulgaria's Specialised Prosecutor's Office and the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime disrupted a fake money printing factory, located in the basement of a hotel in Bulgaria's seaside resort of Sunny Beach. Four people were detained, including the hotel owner, who, according to the investigators, is also part of the criminal group.