Souq Karaköy to open this weekend

A curated flea/designer market is set to open its doors in Karaköy under the theme ?Spring? on May 2 and 3. Souq Karaköy, featuring selections from much sought after pioneering designers and brands, is a weekly pop-up bazaar that acts as a hub allowing creative types to gather in Istanbul.

Shops in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar evacuated by the police

Police have forcefully evicted the renters of several shops inside the historic Grand Bazaar, Istanbul's largest covered market, just one day after detaining 20 shop owners who refused to leave the bazaar in protest of a renovation project. 

Some 80 shops inside the Sandal Bedesten section of the Grand Bazaar were evicted under the control of the riot police on April 22.

Istanbul municipality wants control over historic Grand Bazaar despite reactions

An Istanbul district municipality responsible for the area that includes the historic Grand Bazaar wants a say in the management of the market, which has been controlled by its craftsmen for around 555 years, as part of a renewal plan, daily Cumhuriyet has reported.

Martha Stewart buys fake designer bags in Istanbul

Hours after lecturing Turks on the importance of brands and ‘lovemarks,’ US TV personality and lifestyle icon Martha Stewart bought fake designer bags in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar American TV personality and lifestyle icon Martha Stewart has raised eyebrows in Turkey after buying fake designer bags from the historic Grand Bazaar following her lecture during Brand Week Istanbul.