Vucic with Pahor and Pendarovski at the Regional Youth Leadership Forum VIDEO

The Forum brought together close to 200 young socially engaged people from the Western Balkans.
Young people will have the opportunity to discuss current topics and challenges on a panel with three presidents.
Three-day Forum commenced on Friday and will last till Sunday, November 24.

Recorded footage released by US service - after more than 50 attempts?

According to daily "Blic", there have been over 50 attempts to release this footage, but so far the Russian service has successfully thwarted it.
"Every single web site that published the video was crashed in a record time", a source claims
The video, posted on You Tube, depicts the meeting of two men in a parking lot in Zemun.

Key question: Who is the Serb from the video with the "Russian spy"?

The main actors in the affair are former Deputy Military Attach of Russia accredited in Belgrade, Colonel Georgy Viktorovich Kleban, as well as an alleged senior Serbian official. According to "Novosti", the operations were probably ordered from the West, with the aim of compromising relations between official Belgrade and Moscow.

Media: Kidnapping of famous football player attempted in Belgrade

According to the newspaper, the young men were arrested in Kaludjerica.
According to Blic, there was an altercation in traffic first and then an accident when an "Audi" struck a "BMW" driven by the football player, in which he was alone. When the football player got out of the car, they tried to put him in the trunk, however, he managed to overcome them and escape.

Rector changes deadline, opposition knows the outcome of decision on doctorate?

Opposition leaders now claim, as reported by some Belgrade media, that they know what decision the Belgrade University Ethics Committee will make on Sinisa Mali's doctorate. Sergej Trifunovic and Dragan Djilas said that, in a way, the Rector of Belgrade University Ivanka Popovic informed them about that decision.

Hugs after four years: Slavica Burmazovic's abducted children had landed VIDEO/PHOTO

Two girls, aged 15 and 14, as well as a boy of eight, were brought to Serbia by the Serbian Ambassador to Iran because this was the only possible way, since the children did not have proper documents or exit visas. Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic said that was the only solution.