Vucic: Belgrade, Valjevo and Nis - for hotspots of virus, special measures VIDEO

After Belgrade, these are Valjevo and Nis, and he announced new measures for the three cities.
He said he would be quarantined at the Belgrade Fair himself if found to be coronavirus positive. "What is not comfortable and beautiful does not interest me. It is important that we save lives," Vucic said during a statement from the Belgrade Fair Arena.

"Medical experts selected Belgrade Fair for Temporary Hospital" VIDEO

Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar said in the last 24 hours in Serbia, 94 people were tested, 54 tested positive, out of which 27 were kept in hospital.
"We have 21 patients who are on a respirator and they are with serious illnesses, which consider are at risk," Loncar said at a news conference at the Serbian government.

Severe traffic accident in Zemun: Bus driver got killed, two buses destroyed VIDEO

A serious car accident occurred on Car Dusan Street in Zemun, Tanjug told the Ambulance Service when two buses and one car collided.
The accident occurred when a speeding passenger vehicle emerged from Trscanska Street to collide with a bus owned by a private carrier on the line no. 45. The same vehicle then hit a city bus line no. 15, killing its driver (30).