Serbia Arrests Business Associate of Opposition Politician

Police on Wednesday arrested Jovan Stojanovic, the director of Direct Media, a company formerly owned by opposition leader Dragan Djilas, and two employees of Serbian public broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia, RTS on suspicion of defrauding the state of more than five million euros.

Serbian Club Parks Tank Outside Stadium, Sparking Controversy

Controversy erupted after a decommissioned T-55 tank was installed near the north stand of Red Star Belgrade's football stadium on Monday, with critics in Croatia accusing the club of celebrating Serbian "aggression" during the wars that broke out as Yugoslavia collapsed in the 1990s.

The Old Railway station is being reconstructed

Namely, those funds will be used for implementing construction works on the faade restoration and decorative building lighting fixtures of the Old Railway Station in Belgrade.
As noted in the decision of the Serbian Government, those are the funds from the current budget reserve, as announced and published in the Official Gazette.

Europeanization Hasn’t Failed in Balkans – it Just Needs Time

The states that once formed part of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s experienced war, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and humanitarian disaster. Economic growth was slow or negative and corruption was the rule, not the exception. The outflow of refugees was much greater than the migration of young people out of the Balkans today.

A woman arrested for threatening Aleksandar Vucic's children

"Members of Hi-Tech Crime Department within the Internal Affairs Ministry, apprehended A. J. A. (39) from Sabac due to grounded suspicion of having committed the crime of endangering safety", Ministry of Interior says in a statement.
She is suspected of addressing threats to the children of Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic via Twitter.