True to Kathimerini's history and legacy

Happy new year, everyone! This is a special year for Kathimerini, which celebrates its 100th anniversary since first hitting the stands. It is truly a remarkable occasion. Few things have endured for so long in this country. Kathimerini has, just like Greece, survived through military dictatorships, wars, civil strife and financial crises.

Matic reacts to Belgrade Bar Association initiative

Matic said he regarded the initiative to introduce new criminal act - "with the aim of effectively protecting the presumption of innocence and independence of the court" - as "rather dangerous, as much as it is senseless, given that it is being proposed by the representatives of the legal profession, and as professionals in this field, they should know basic principles of human rights protectio

Cynicism without limits

The government seems to be trying to create chaos on the political scene. It is playing with the country's institutions and has clearly set a goal of driving a wedge between the center-right and the center-left of the political spectrum for its own benefit.

Kathimerini joins the Trust Project, for news with integrity

In the age of overinformation, sensationalism and countless fake news stories, it comes as no surprise that media trust is at a record low. A recent study across European Union member-states found the phenomenon particularly prevalent in Greece, with 90 percent of respondents expressing suspicion or distrust when it comes to the country's information ecosystem.