Bella Hadid

Hadid sisters to come to Bodrum for business trip

The world's leading top models, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid, also known as the "Hadid sisters," will be making a business trip to the Aegean tourism hub Bodrum in August.

According to local reports, world-renowned French luxury fashion house Chanel has invited the Hadid sisters to participate in the launching assembly of the brand's Bodrum branch.

Celebrities ‘pray’ for Turkey

Renowned celebrities from across the globe have come forward in support of Turkey in its fight against wildfires, sharing their heartfelt messages on social media.

"Poor planet is crying. Let's save the mother Earth," wrote British singer Dua Lupa, adding, "Turkey, I am with you."

Victoria's Secret Former Chief with Sexual Harassment Allegations

Former Victoria's Secret chief executive and marketing director, Edward Razek, has regularly made unwanted sexual advances toward the company's models, and harassed and bullied staff members, including models of the well-known brand, the New York Times reports.

Several models have admitted to the press that Ed forced them into intimate contact under the threat of dismissal.

Vogue Greece makes stylish debut

It was a question over which debate had been growing: What would the first issue of Vogue Greece have on its cover? The answer came in the form of two covers at a festive and occasionally emotional soiree last Saturday hosted by publisher Kathimerini at the perennially popular Zonars cafe-restaurant, on the corner of downtown Panepistimiou and Voukourestiou streets in the center of Athens.

Victoria’s Secret Angels set the catwalk on fire! (15+1 SIZZLING PHOTOS)

Victoria’s Secret Angels took everybody’s breath away at the 22nd annual Shanghai Fashion Show!

Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Grace Bol, Sara Sampaio, Andrianna Lima and many others gave their best and made the show a memorable experience.

Unfortunately, a few models such as Gigi Hadid didn’t manage to get a visa and didn’t make it to the show…

Some of the most daring dresses celebrities have ever worn (photos)

Celebrities often push the boundaries of fashion on the red carpet, from wearing dresses designed like a swan’s body to outfits made entirely from recycled bottles. But a bigger trend that began taking off in 2016 was the “naked” dress — gowns and outfits designed to show maximum skin while still keeping covered.