Europeans eager to go to the polls, but in a reactionary mood

Sixty-eight percent of European Union citizens intend to vote at next month's elections for European Parliament, with Greece, at 71 percent, being among four member states with the highest expected turnout, behind Italy (77pct), Denmark (76 pct) and Germany (73 pct), a new report has found.

What do British and German businesses think about the Brexit (infographic)

British PM Theresa may is expected to unveil her plan for the UK leaving the European Union, Tuesday. Her 12-point plan will see Britain regain full control over borders and quit both the single market and European Court of Justice. She will insist the UK can become a great, outward-looking trading nation.

High Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion for People in Bulgaria - Report

Bulgaria has highest percentage in the European Union (EU) of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion - 41.3%, media giant Bertelsmann says in a report.

One-third of the Bulgarians have no resources to cover basic needs, necessary for normal life, according to the report.