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Biden 'hopeful' of imminent US debt deal

President Joe Biden said Friday that Democratic and Republican negotiators were on the verge of resolving a debt ceiling standoff, as the deadline for a potentially catastrophic US default was pushed back to June 5.

"It's very close and I'm optimistic," Biden told reporters at the White House. "I'm hopeful we'll know by tonight whether we're going to be able to have a deal."

Biden vs Trump: The sequel

Recent polls suggest that 60 percent of Americans don't want Donald Trump to run for president in 2024, and 70 percent say President Joe Biden shouldn't run. Just 42 percent of Americans think Biden is performing well as president. At the same point during his administration, Trump's rating stood at 38 percent. In 2016, Trump became the oldest person ever to win the White House.

The CIA announced a large bribery scheme: Vuk Jeremić was involved PHOTO/VIDEO

Earlier, U.S. media announced that the leader of the People's Party was involved in a major corruption scandal in the USA, in which the family of U.S. President Joe Biden was also involved.
At a press conference, US officials announced that the entire scheme was complicated, and that it was designed to be complicated so that the money could not be traced.

Yellen warns of ‘chaos’ if US fails to raise debt ceiling

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that unless Congress acts soon to raise the nation's debt ceiling, "financial and economic chaos would ensue."    

Republicans have been pressing President Joe Biden to strike a deal to provide spending cuts in exchange for lifting the national borrowing limit.    

White House ‘will not negotiate’ on debt ceiling

President Joe Biden, the Republicans and the U.S. economy were on a disastrous collision course yesterday after the White House made clear it will not negotiate over extending the nation's debt limit.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warns that the government will run out of money and default on its debts as soon as June 1, if there is no authorization for more borrowing.