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Biden Insists on a Ban on Offensive Weapons

President Joe Biden has said the United States must ban offensive weapons to tackle the "carnage" of gun violence.

In a White House speech to the nation, Biden said too many places in America have become killing fields.

He said that if Congress could not ban such weapons, it should try to raise the age of purchase from 18 to 21.

Uvalde tells Biden to ‘do something’; he pledges ‘we will’

President Joe Biden grieved with the shattered community of Uvalde on Sunday, mourning privately for three hours with anguished families of the 19 schoolchildren and two teachers killed by a gunman. Faced with chants of "do something" as he departed a church service, Biden pledged: "We will."

New American threat - there is no place for Serbia's balanced approach

This policy of balance will be the backbone of the new Serbian government, the formation of which will follow in the coming months, although especially from the western centers of power come covert but also open blackmail that our investments and access to money and European funds are endangered, but also to prepare for the potential attacks on Kosovo and Republika Srpska, if we do not turn our

Biden: We are working to redirect Natural Gas to Bulgaria and Poland

US President Joe Biden said they were working to divert natural gas directly to Bulgaria and Poland in response to the suspension of supplies from Russia.

According to Biden, the two countries have indicated that they have gas reserves - Poland to a greater extent and Bulgaria smaller. Biden added: