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United States joins the EU in Sanctions against Putin and Lavrov

US President Joe Biden has left for Delaware, where he is expected to meet with his security team.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki confirmed that the United States is joining its European allies and will impose sanctions directly on Russian President Vladimir Putin, the foreign minister and members of the Russian Security Council.

Biden and Johnson: There is still Hope for a Diplomatic Solution in Ukraine

The leaders of the United States and Britain have said there is still hope for a diplomatic solution to the crisis with Ukraine. However, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson warned that the situation remained unpredictable.

 Americans are Advised to leave Belarus and Moldova

White House: Unlikely

U.S. President Joseph Biden told Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in a conversation that lasted about an hour, that the United States would respond quickly and decisively if Russia took further steps toward invasion, the White House said in a statement.