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The US will temporarily deploy 1,500 Troops along the Border with Mexico

The government of US President Joe Biden has requested the deployment of 1,500 additional military personnel along the US-Mexico border because of the migrant flow that is expected from there after the lifting of restrictions against the spread of the coronavirus, reported Reuters and AFP, quoted by BTA.

US President Joe Biden had a Cheat Sheet showing He was Aware of the Question posed by a Journalist

A cheat sheet held by US President Joe Biden, during a Wednesday press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, has revealed that he knew beforehand about the question to be asked by a journalist, reported New York Post.

Biden officially announced his Candidacy for a Second Presidential Term

US President Joe Biden officially announced Tuesday that he will seek a second term in the White House in 2024, a decision that will show whether Americans are willing to give the 80-year-old Democrat, already the oldest US president, four more years in office, Reuters reported.

Biden to launch '24 bid, betting record will top age worries

President Joe Biden is set on Tuesday to formally announce his plans to run for reelection in 2024, asking voters to give him more time to "finish the job" he began when he was sworn into office and to set aside their concerns about extending the run of America's oldest president for another four years.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are Pessimistic about the US Economy

Nearly 69% of Americans are pessimistic about the country's economy, the highest level in 17 years.

The data comes from the latest CNBC economic survey, which shows that nearly 7 out of 10 people have a negative view of the economy. 2/3 of those polled say inflation is outpacing their wages, and the same number (2/3) believe the US will fall into or is already in recession.

The Raiting of US President Joe Biden continues to Fall

US President Joe Biden's public approval rating has fallen to 39% this month, approaching its lowest level since he took office, Reuters reported.

The results of the April 14-16 Reuters/Ipsos poll showed a modest drop from last month, when 42 percent of respondents said they approved of Biden's performance as president.

Congress notified about $259 million F-16 equipment sale to Turkey

On Monday the Biden administration notified Congress of a $259 million F-16 equipment sale to Turkey. Petros Kasfikis, the Washington DC correspondent for the Athens News Agency and Mega TV, joins Thanos Davelis to break down the details of this deal, what it means for the potential sale of F-16s to Turkey, and explore whether this signals a shift in Washington when it comes to Ankara.

Joe Biden and his Wife earned a total of 580,000 Dollars in 2022

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill published their tax return, according to which the two earned nearly $580,000 last year and paid a state tax of 23.8%, BTA reported citing Reuters.

The Bidens donated about 3.5% of their income, i.e. $20,180, to 20 charities, including one affiliated with the American Police Officers Union.