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The Trump saga continues

Donald Trump has returned to New York City, this time to face criminal charges. It's an odd opening for the next political chapter in his life. The former president may still face charges he mishandled classified documents after leaving the White House.

Unemployment declines in US, but no political pay off for Biden

President Joe Biden keeps seeing good economic news and bad public approval ratings. The unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent in March.

More than 236,000 jobs were added. But there has been no political payoff for the president.

U.S. adults are skipping past the jobs numbers and generally feeling horrible about the economy.

The Biden administration blamed Trump for the Chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden's administration has blamed his predecessor Donald Trump for the deadly and chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2021, leading to one of the darkest moments of Biden's presidency, the Associated Press reported.

As the Afghan government fell, there were scenes of despair at Kabul airport as huge crowds tried to flee the Taliban, the BBC recalled.

Biden, Fernandez affirm ‘economic integration’

U.S. President Joe Biden on March 29 hailed an "enormous opportunity" to increase economic integration with Argentina as he hosted the South American country's President Alberto Fernandez at the White House.

"This meeting is a chance to reaffirm that nothing is beyond our reach if we work together," Biden said seated next to his counterpart in the Oval Office.

Americans said enough is enough - Djokovic is playing at the US Open

It was introduced by former President Donald Trump in early 2020.
The upper house of the United States voted 68 to 23 to end the state of emergency.
Last month, the House of Representatives also voted 229 to 192 to repeal the declaration.
Current President Joe Biden is expected to approve and sign this decision.