Bikini Atoll

Emily Ratajkowski promotes her own bikini line & you need to see this! (HOT PHOTOS)

Emily Ratajkowski launches her own line of bikinis and she is doing all the promotion!

She named her bikini line “Inamorata”, which translates “in love” in Italian.

As everyone can imagine the result is hot as Hell!

But why “imagine” it? Here is the sexy model with her creations!

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Busty Brazilian loses bikini top in TV show! (video)

Brazilians are known for their quite…let’s call it liberal stance on clothing, or more appropriately the lack of it. Especially their women are very comfortable with showing off their bodies in public. And in all honesty, why shouldn’t they with such amazing physiques. So, as you can imagine that when it comes to TV shows with a sexy twist, you can expect all sorts of revealing moments.

Sexy Maggie wears bikini defying cool Fall weather (photo)

It seems sexy radio hostess, Dj and producer Maggie Charalampidou is finding it a little difficult to let go of summer, which is why she shared a photo of her wearing a white bikini flaunting her famous rear end! Despite the fact that we have already entered the second month of Fall, the weather is still warm in Greece.

Sexy weather girl in skimpy bikini on Venezuelan TV! (video)

A weather girl who stripped down to a skimpy bikini to present the weather has won herself a legion of fans.
Lusmairyn Figuera has become something of a celebrity in Venezuela, where she presets the forecast for the Canal 24 channel.
Many of her admirers reportedly arrange their days so as not to miss the brunette’s daily show.

Bikini Coffee Shop: The coffee isn’t the only thing that’ll perk you up at this cafe (15+1 HOT PHOTOS)

A coffee shop has a bikini dress code that the female boss claims is “empowering” but a city councilman has argued exploits women.

The uniform sees the women don bikinis or underwear, with some choosing to simply have colorful stickers over their nipples, as they serve coffee from a stand in Washington.

Bella Thorne wears the (see-through) pants in this relationship! (SEXY PHOTOS)

While her Instagram account’s bio simply states “BELLA Hella bored,” the visual evidence on her social media states otherwise. We can’t imagine there’s a single boring moment in this former Disney star’s life, if her selfies have anything to say about it.

God created Emily, who “rules” the bikini! (photos)

When it comes to female swimsuits there is no doubt the bikini rules. It is perfect for virtually all body-types and offers women an even tan all over. But some women wear it better than other. And if we want to be even more precise, one woman wears better than all others. It seems the two piece of cloth were made for  Emily Ratajkowski! She is the queen of the bikini.

Hot Isreali soldier shares posts with her social media followers (photos)

No matter whether she is wearing her tight military uniform during drills in the Israeli army or posing in a sexy bikini on her social media, Kim Mellibovsky is a “deadly” combination of beauty and toughness. The 22 year-old, who is serving in her country’s army, as all citizens in Israel are compelled to, has garnered a huge following on social media with her raunchy posts.