Bikini Atoll

Bella Thorne plays amongst the waves

Like a true Californian girl… “belle”, Bella Thorne doesn’t spend much time away from the high-life beaches overflowing with people.


The photo lens spotted the 17 year-old having fun in the waves in Malibu, wearing a stunning white bikini by Victoria’s Secret which showed off her perfect form.



Irina Shayk enjoys waters off Cancun in tiny bikini

Supermodel Irina Shayk turned heads in Cancun, Mexico recently in her tiny bikini, showing she’s more than recovered from her split with Cristiano Ronaldo.
A “wardrobe glitch” was apparently avoided at the last minute.
The 29-year-old Russian beauty holidayed at the Mexican resort with her mum, an attractive mature woman in her own right.

Bella Thorne: Hollywood’s rising beauty

She is considered one of Hollywood’s young beauties. 17 year-old multi-talented Bella Thorne, a rising star in modeling, fashion, singing, dancing and acting has appeared in more than 20 movies and shows, and 60 advertisements.


Thorne was seen on Malibu beach wearing a fashionable bikini which showed off her perfect body.


Micro bikinis are back and here to stay!

A new style of bikini has emerged in recent years, making swimwear a lot more cheeky.

Micro bikinis have gained worldwide attention and are extremely popular among women looking for a more daring look at the beach.

It you haven't had the chance to see them yet, we have selected a few photos to show you what this new craze is about

Lauren Stoner tries to open a champagne bottle in Miami

Lauren Stoner was spotted on a Miami beach with a tiny bikini and a bottle of champagne. The 30 year old from Virginia, USA is a model, but became famous through her participation in TV reality show “The Spin Crowd” which was received negatively by the crowd. Her relationship with director Michael Bay was also something which surely aided in her fame.

Censorship on women’s legs by Istanbul municipality raises eyebrows

Censorship on ads featuring women’s bare legs in the streets of Istanbul raised eyebrows seven years after a ban on bikinis incited widespread fury at the municipality.

Clear differences between the original ads and the images exposed on the billboards of Istanbul brought the interference with the photos into light.