Ferry fuel sulfur cap jacks up prices

The international 0.5 percent sulfur cap on marine fuel, applying as of January 1, has already raised the cost of shipping transport by about 7 percent. This is expected to affect the competitiveness of product exports from islands such as Crete, while also leading to a hike in the price of goods shipped to all the Greek islands.

Indonesia has Тhreatened to Impose Higher Duties on EU Dairy Products

The Indonesian Ministry of Commerce has threatened to impose higher tariffs on EU dairy products in response to the proposed measure by the bloc on palm oil biodiesel, the BTA quoted France as saying.

The warning could exacerbate the trade dispute between the EU and Indonesia, which is the world's largest producer of palm oil. The EU plans to reduce palm oil-based biofuels by 2030.

Record Amount of Marihuana Was Discovered near the Seaside Town Pomorie

Marihuana for more than half a million BGN was seized in the land of the Pomorian village Bata, the Burgas District Prosecutor's Office announced.

90 kg dry foliage mass and another 193 stalks of cannabis found in plantation. The number is record. A 57-year-old man from Burgas is detained, he is not criminally exposed and has not been convicted, the Burgas police have reported.

The Mayor of Bourgas: It is better to Make Electricity from Garbage instead of Burning it

Bourgas City Council adopted a project proposal for "Design and construction of anaerobic installations for separately collected biodegradable waste". The project is expected to be financed with BGN 30 million under the Operational Program "Environment". wrote about the idea in January.