Biological oceanography

Mucilage in Marmara Sea continues to pose threat, study shows

A field study conducted to examine the marine mucilage, which invaded the Marmara Sea a few months ago, has revealed that though the sea's surface is now clean thanks to the ongoing efforts, the threat is not over yet.

The study has once again brought to the horizon the need to address the problem of pollution that has become a grave environmental concern.

Experts concerned about consuming fish from Marmara Sea

Experts are concerned about the consumption of fish coming from the Marmara Sea, which has been covered with a thick, foamy layer of marine mucilage since April, daily Milliyet has reported.


When asked if people could freely eat fish coming from the Marmara Sea, most experts and scientists hesitated to give a direct answer with a "Yes."

Fight against mucilage a long-running struggle, says expert

Mustafa Sarı, a professor from the Science Board - established to coordinate efforts to fight against mucilage that has invaded the Turkish waters, has said that long-term solutions are needed to rescue the Maramara Sea from sea snot.

"Since we cannot change the conditions in nature what we have to do is very simple: We have to stop waste from being disposed into the sea," Sarı said.