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Greek scientist behind promising Ebola cure

An experimental drug developed by a US-based team of researchers led by a Greek scientist has been shown to dramatically improve survival rates for the deadly Ebola haemorrhagic fever.
The antibody cocktail called REGN-EB3 was developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals where Dr Christos Kyratsous is vice president of research, infectious diseases and viral vector technologies.

The World Health Organization declared an international health emergency FOTO/VIDEO

The situation had become critical when the virus had spread to the city of Goma, home to two million citizens. This city is situated on the border with Uganda, and Congo officials claim that a priest who used several false names brought the disease into the city.

Italian tourist dies of meningitis in Greek hospital

A 17-year-old Italian tourist died of meningitis in a hospital in Athens on Wednesday morning, according to the initial lab results conducted by the doctors.
A Greek Air Force aircraft transferred the woman from Naxos, where she was holidaying with her family, to the Nikea hospital on Tuesday, after she developed high fever and went into septic shock. She died at the hospital.

More than 1,000 People have Died from Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

More than 1,000 people have died in an epidemic of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Agency refers to a statement from the DR Congo Health Ministry. According to it, 1008 people died of the virus, and the reported cases of disease were 1529.

Two West Nile virus cases confirmed in Greece

Two people in Greece have contracted the West Nile virus, which is carried by infected mosquitoes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) said on Wednesday in its weekly epidemiological data posted on its website.

The two patients who were diagnosed with the virus are the first cases recorded in 2018 and are in stable condition, the disease control agency said.