WHO Keeps Close Eye on New Coronavirus Strain Called "Mu""

The World Health Organization has said it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as "Mu", which was first identified in Colombia in January 2021, AFP reported. Mu, known scientifically as B.1.621, has been classified as a "variant of interest", the global health body said on Tuesday in its weekly pandemic bulletin.

Majority backs COVID-19 restrictions for unvaccinated, study shows

With the government considering to make it mandatory for unvaccinated people, especially those working in schools to present PCR tests following the start of the upcoming academic year, a study shows that the majority of the public finds the measures to be implemented by authorities right.


Penguins fed twice a day with fish in Bursa Zoo

Some 17 penguins in a zoo in the northwestern province of Bursa are fed twice a day with European pilchard, the zoo officials have announced on Aug. 18.

"Fourteen penguins were brought from the Netherlands and Belgium in 2017. Three were born here in Bursa," Önder Sevim, the head of the caretakers in the zoo, told Demirören News Agency.

GCS: 152 new caes of coronavirus infection; almost 21,900 tests performed in the past 24 hours

A number of 152 new cases of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 have been recorded in the past 24 hours, with almost 21,900 tests performed, the Strategic Communication Group reported on Sunday. These are cases that have not previously had a positive test.