Bulgaria: More and More Parents are Deciding to Vaccinate their Children against COVID-19

More and more parents are deciding to vaccinate their children against COVID-19, but so far there are no statistics on their number.

There was a large influx of children around September 15, for children for the second dose, which means that the parents have been thinking about immunization since the summer.

Coronovirus – The Delta + mutation has come to Greece – The first cases and the concerns of experts

The scientific community, in Greece as well, has been alarmed over the Delta + mutation as, according to the data of the National Organization of Public Health (EODY), a total of 11 cases of the new variant of the coronavirus have been identified, which were detected scattered within Greek territory.

Katsarov: Post-Covid with Antigen Test, Done in a Hospital or Laboratory, Gives a Green Certificate

"The antigen tests are equated to the PCR tests from December 1. If a patient is admitted to hospital and treated after a positive Atigen test performed there, he receives a green certificate. Regardless of what the test is - PCR or antigen, where it is done, a certificate is issued there", explained the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov in"This morning".

Bulgaria’s Businesses: Dissatisfaction with the Rules for "Green Certificates”

Mass dissatisfaction in various industries after the new order of the Ministry of Health. A "green" certificate will be needed almost everywhere. Owners of restaurants, nightclubs, sport arenas and gyms have announced a boycott of the new measures. Even the theaters have concerns about how they will handle the situation.

Bulgarian Health Minister: For Now, a Full Lockdown in the Country is Not Necessary

The measures proposed by the chief state health inspector will be discussed on Monday at an extraordinary meeting of an extended panel of the expert council, caretaker Minister Stoycho Katsarov told the media. He assured that a complete lockdown in the country - everything closed and people staying at home, is not necessary for now.

Bulgarian Health Minister: We are Discussing Implementing COVID-19 "Green Certificate"

Soon in Bulgaria it will be necessary for the citizens to have a vaccine, a proven recent illness of COVD-19 or a recent negative test in order to enter establishments of the type of restaurants and cafés. This will not artificially limit their capacity.