Goran Sadikarijo: Dressing up as Hitler Shouldn’t be ‘Funny’ in North Macedonia

However, a critique of Nazism was not present in the meme that the tech mogul Elon Musk shared on Twitter last year. Criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau' attitude towards truckers' protests against Covid vaccinations, Musk compared him to Hitler through a meme.

Testing Times: North Macedonia’s Would-be Judges and Prosecutors Find Secret Tests Suspicious

BIRN spoke to such candidates. They base their testimonies on the fact that these are the only tests to which no objection is allowed, nor are they allowed to inspect what they have written when taking the test.

Another situation raises even more concerns: a candidate may pass the integrity test one year, yet the next year, his integrity "does not satisfy".

‘It doesn’t matter who gave birth to whom, but in Montenegro, secrets go to the grave’

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A married couple of intellectuals from the capital of Montenegro had three daughters. The husband's brother had two children. But while their sister struggled for years to obtain the joy of parenthood, it didn't work. This couple visited all the clinics, and listened to all the advice, in vain.

Telegram Shuts Serbian ‘Revenge Porn’ Groups Exposed by BIRN

Instant messaging service Telgram has removed the group Oralna podrška (Oral support) with over 50,000 members - one of the largest Serbian Telegram groups that shared women's intimate photos and videos, as well as porn content - along with 12 other groups that published revenge porn.

Belgrade Installation Honours Serbian-born Musical Visionary ‘Suba’

The exhibition honours Suba's contribution to music and provides a unique opportunity for fans and music enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of his life and work.

In addition to the exhibition, the event features a range of side events, including talk panels, lectures, video screenings, jam sessions and performances by leading Belgrade DJs.