Platform B: China in the Balkans – Transparency Locked

Together with our partners, BIRN is launching a series of online and offline events aimed to amplify the voices of strong and credible individuals and organisations in the region that promote the core values of democracy, such as civic engagement, independent institutions, transparency and rule of law.

Freight Carriers Protest Fees at Kosovo-North Macedonia Border

This alternative road allowed freight carriers to pass for free and then pay custom's fees at the customs terminal of their choice.

The road was constructed in 2014, by the Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure on the property of a company, Terminali L.L.C, which immediately sued the ministry for removing the barriers and constructing a free-of-charge road.

Ruined Heritage: Shkodra’s Historic Core Comes Close to Collapse

That lump of plaster fell from one of the many old and unmaintained houses of the neighbourhood of a town with a long history as a centre of trade and administration.

Over those centuries, many large walled houses were built. However, scores of these buildings are collapsing one after another due to abandonment, bureaucratic obstacles and lack of attention.

Polish Medical Workers Stage Largest Protest in Years as COVID 4th Wave Hits

Polish medical workers have been in conflict with the government for years, beginning in 2017 when a residents' hunger strike forced the government to make concessions. But the promises have not been kept, these frontline staff argue, pushing them back onto the streets. Photo: BIRN.