Black Sea

Rip currents claim over 300 lives in 10 years in Black Sea

A total of 304 people lost their lives by drowning after getting caught in a rip current in the Black Sea between 2012 and 2022, an expert has stated.

Academic Mustafa Serkan Abdüsselam from Giresun University stated that the number of drowning incidents caused by rip currents, commonly known as "pulling currents," has been increasing year by year.

121-year-old historic hospital to be renovated

The 121-year-old historical hospital building in the northern province of Samsun, which has been idle for a while, will be restored to serve as a family and life center.

The city will experience a new transformation with the renovation of the 121-year-old former psychiatric hospital building in İlkadım district and the new family and life center to be built by the municipality.

Rainfall jams Istanbul traffic, density at 71 pct

Due to the heavy rainfall that started in the morning hours of May 17 and accidents that have occurred at some points of the city, traffic was jammed once again in Istanbul.

Citizens leaving their homes to go to work and school were stuck in heavy traffic. The traffic congestion occurred in both directions on Kadıköy D-100 Highway.

Temperatures to drop throughout Türkiye once again

After a brief period of sunshine and warm weather, the temperature in the northern and central parts of the country is likely to decline again starting April 26, with particularly western provinces of Türkiye to witness a sharp temperature drop, the Turkish State Meteorology Service has announced.

Precipitation will continue to stay in effect throughout the week in the country.

Alexandroupoli-Burgas pipeline idea picking up steam again

A recently set up Greek-Bulgarian working group met in Athens last Friday to discuss reviving the Alexandroupoli-Burgas oil pipeline project.

The meeting was attended by Greek Environment and Energy Ministry Minister Kostas Skrekas and his Bulgarian counterpart Rossen Hristov, who agreed that the pipeline is of great geostrategic importance for both countries.