Black Sea

11 Dangerous Buildings in Varna's Asparuhovo District to be Torn Down

11 potentially dangerous buildings in the flood-hit Asparuhovo district of Varna are to be demolished, according to the Mayor of the Black Sea city, Ivan Portnih.

The Asparuhovo district of Varna reported a death toll of 12 after heavy rain and severe flooding on Thursday. The death toll may rise as one child is still missing.

Syrian Refugees Help Authorities to Deal with Varna Flood Aftermath

Twenty Syrian refugees are to assist in managing the consequences of flash floods that struck the city of Varna and other places in northeast and north-central Bulgaria.

The group of refugees based in a camp near the southern town of Harmanli is to set off within days and numbers of volunteers applying to help.

Body of Missing Child Found in Varna

The body of one of the missing children was found in Varna's district of  Asparuhovo, reports the Bulgarian National Radio. 

It was found when clearing up debris from the flood in one of the worst affected areas of Asparuhovo on Monday afternoon.

It is yet unclear if it is the body of the three-year-old girl, or the six-year-old boy.

Volunteers Much Needed in Flooded Varna's Asparuhovo District

The municipal administration of the flood-stricken city of Varna is calling for volunteers to continue clearing of the area during the workweek.

"Due to the start of the workweek, the number of volunteers involved in the cleaning of the Asparuhovo district has dropped dramatically," the municipal press center says.

Authorities Order Mandatory Evacuation of 27 Properties in Asparuhovo

Local authorities have ordered the mandatory evacuation of 27 properties in Varna's district of Asparuhovo, which was hit by a flash flood last Thursday. 

According to the Vesti website, the activation of the landslides as a result of the flood threatens the 27 homes in Asparuhovo and a detailed is needed. 

Bulgarians Raise BGN 615 000 via SMS for Affected by Floods

A charity campaign to support people affected by last week's flash floods has gathered BGN 615 000 (rougly EUR 307 500) via text messages in less than three days.

Another BGN 70 000 have been transferred to the bank accounts of the Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF), which manages the event, its representatives were quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio as saying.