Photo of Mangusta police group released: Hrkalović gathered them due to mafia clans

"Mangusta" was formed to follow the members of the two most powerful mafia clans in Serbia at that time - the "Skaljari" and the "Kava" clans, writes "Blic". On the recommendation of Dejan Milenkovi Bagzi, the then head of the Service for Special Investigative Methods (SSIM) of the Criminal Police Directorate, Coka Damjanovi was brought from the city police as the chief operative of the group.

"Love is the law" on the streets of Belgrade: City center closed PHOTO

According to "Blic" reporters from the scene, there are a large number of people on the streets who headed to the Park Manège, where the central event is taking place, while a large number of police forces are on the streets, providing security and movement in downtown area.

Potential chaos in Belgrade?

For the same day, almost at the same time, a gathering of anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, anti-globalists and other organizations is announced on social networks these days, all, allegedly, under the auspices of the idea to "stand in the way of announced COVID passes", the media write.

Change in the "traffic light" system: when the children will switch to online classes

According to the media, so far, in order to switch to the combined model of teaching, it was necessary to have two infected students, and the education and health authorities have estimated that the model according to which teaching now takes place is too strict.

Djukanovic has a new plan to neutralize Serbia?

Whether that will really happen is unknown for now, but these days, there are suggestions for just that - for America to be more engaged in Montenegro. According to Blic, they come from former American diplomats who, in addition to that idea, warn of "Serbian nationalism in the country", but also of Moscow's attempts to "use it to destabilize the Balkans".

Everything's ready: Belgrade welcomes Angela Merkel, security measures revealed PHOTO

Preparations for her reception are nearing the end, and as part of this visit, the flags of Germany and Serbia were set up at the Genex building in New Belgrade, from the direction of the "Nikola Tesla" Airport, so that this would be the first sign of welcome for the German Chancellor.

German police, money laundering, Milo Djukanovic, a lawyer and a dead witness

As Blic writes, it is about the GPS company from Podgorica, which at the end of last year was discovered to have laundered dirty money acquired through super-fraud through phantom call centers in Belgrade. The Montenegrin media connect that company with Milo Djukanovi, the President of Montenegro, all through the controversial Belgrade lawyer Marko Vujoevi.