School holidays change again: Here's how next school year's curriculum will look like

According to the new school curriculum, instead of the autumn break, primary school students will have an extended weekend lasting three days, while high school students will have a winter vacation seven days shorter than elementary school students.

Lavrov arrives in Belgrade for an otherwise "ordinary" diplomatic visit if only...

Lavrov is scheduled to arrive in Serbia on June 7, and since the war in Ukraine, which Moscow began on February 24, the Russian foreign minister has travelled to only three destinations: China - in early March, India - in early April and the Middle East - May 30th, reminds Blic.

Chaos with shopping malls and bomb threats in Belgrade

The Nova S portal also reported that the report about the bomb arrived at the TC Gallery, but also in Nis, at the Delta Planex shopping center.
According to the reporter of the Beta agency, the counter-diversion team of the Police Brigade arrived on the scene. The mall did not say whether anyone had reported the bombing or the police were looking for someone.

Media: Deceased Ambassador Antic reported for illegal sexual act against his daughter

Just to reiterate, Anti died when he fell from a cliff called the Mouth of Hell. But, as "Blic" now writes, a private criminal complaint was filed against him, in which it is claimed that he induced his daughter, who was 9 years old at the time, to have sex.

Drama in Belgrade primary school; Two students transferred to Tirsova

"It's pepper spray, which a lower grade student accidentally activated in the classroom. Some students were exposed to suffocation and coughing. We relocated them immediately. Some were taken out into the fresh air, some to the ballroom, but the whole group was upset", said the school principal Suzana Lipi.

Media: Chaos on the streets of Serbia envisaged; "Participants sprinkled with purple"

It should be reminded that the "Go-start" initiative announced that they would block highways throughout Serbia during the protest on Saturday, but the newspaper Kurir states that the announcement of the "Purple Revolution" association has arrived in their editorial office, announcing that they will mark all cars with purple paint which will take part in the blockade.

Online teaching is not introduced - new recommendation of the School Team

Instead, the recommendation of the School Team will be to extend the autumn break, Blic has learned.
According to Blic, no decision has been made yet on how many days the autumn break should be extended, which will be in the first half of November. The final decision is at the Crisis Staff, which, according to the announcements, will meet tomorrow.