The return to the old measures?

However, that is not an option for the medical part of the Crisis Staff.
For days, dissonant tones can be heard in public when it comes to new measures for the holidays, so every session of the Crisis Staff is viewed from two angles - the medical one and the economic one, "Blic" writes.

It's confirmed: Crisis Staff relaxed measures. A new session on Monday?

At the moment, the working hours of cultural institutions are limited to 5 pm.
All programs in cultural institutions are conducted in accordance with the epidemiological measures in force.
In the meantime, Belgrade daily "Blic" reported that a new session of the Crisis Staff was scheduled for Monday.

The situation is alarming; Crisis Staff prepares new set of measures

According to "Blic", the main ones will refer to our citizens who should come to Serbia for the holidays in the next period. The exact date of the new session of the Crisis Staff is not known yet, and as "Blic" finds out, it will be held by Friday at the latest.

"Red Zone" in Batajnica: 51 patients in a serious condition

Consequences of "Black Friday": "We have a difficult week ahead of us"

As he said, the crowds that happened on "Black Friday" and other gatherings in five to seven days will surely give a result through the number of positive and sick people.
Tiodorovi told "Blic" that only after December 10 can we expect a slow flattening of the curve, but at a high level, and a drop in the number of patients is expected at the end of December.

It's confirmed: "Montenegro Airlines" denied a permit to land at the Belgrade airport

This information was confirmed to Tanjug in the Directorate of Civil Aviation.
The government in Podgorica announced on Monday that it had decided to reopen borders with a number of countries as of June 1st, but they remained closed to Serbia and Republika Srpska.