Haradinaj scheduled secret meetings, Hague will open the case of "yellow house"?

According to daily "Blic", the prosecutor in the Hague had interrogated Haradinaj for an hour, and he refused to answer to his questions.
"Blic" further states, referring to the EULEX sources, that during the conflicts, everything outside the Albanian border could not have happened without the approval of Haradinaj, as this was the part of the region under his control.

"Dirty laundry should be kept away from the foreign statesmen"

Moreover, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic showed no dignity either, in front of the foreign statesman.
"Basic good manners dictates that dirty laundry, if there is any, should be kept inside the house. We have to stop with this provincial and humiliating habit of complaining to foreigners on each other", Jovanovic told daily Blic.

Secret negotitaions conducted: Macron brings one world media to Serbia?

Managing Director of Euronews Michael Peters will be among the members of the delegation of French President Emmanuel Macron visiting Serbia today, Blic announced, referring to its findings. Negotiations on the start of the broadcast, the paper writes, lasted almost a year.

Macron comes to Serbia directly from Russia, taking over the role of mediator?

As "Blic" reports, Macron will pass on to the President of Serbia that France supports Serbia in resolving an open conflict with Kosovo Albanians. In this context, daily states that Macron's relations towards Prishtina's representatives had changed, stressing that this change of course of French President in favor of Serbia is novelty.