Media: Kidnapping of famous football player attempted in Belgrade

According to the newspaper, the young men were arrested in Kaludjerica.
According to Blic, there was an altercation in traffic first and then an accident when an "Audi" struck a "BMW" driven by the football player, in which he was alone. When the football player got out of the car, they tried to put him in the trunk, however, he managed to overcome them and escape.

US "indecent" proposal; Serbia: We refuse it

However, Belgrade rejected the offer, the newspaper said.
Daily "Blic" further states that US Presidential Special Envoy for Kosovo Richard Grenell recently instructed Belgrade and Pristina to reach an agreement on mutual recognition, and that they will receive an "economic award" in return, in the form of an investment conference that will be organized.

Serbia Arrests Business Associate of Opposition Politician

Police on Wednesday arrested Jovan Stojanovic, the director of Direct Media, a company formerly owned by opposition leader Dragan Djilas, and two employees of Serbian public broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia, RTS on suspicion of defrauding the state of more than five million euros.