Ex-BIA chief to become ambassador in Sarajevo - reports

This is according to media reports, which said that Djordjevic, who is a lawyer by profession, will replace outgoing ambassador in Sarajevo Stanimir Vukicevic, who was recalled in February.

Djordjevic came to the Security Information Agency (BIA) in 2013 and held the top job there until mid-2017, when Bratislav Gasic took over.

President reportedly decided who will be new Belgrade mayor

And Serbian President and ruling SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic "already knows" who that will be, the daily said, quoting a source, and added that Vucic would soon discuss this proposal with his party.

"Only Vucic knows the name of the person who will be the mayor, he has not yet told this to anyone," said the source, adding that "it remains for him to tell the party."

Murderer serves sentence, comes home and rapes daughter

The suspect, 60-year-old M.Z., was arrested for raping and battering his 16-year-old daughter over the course of two days - from May 10 until May 12.

Blic writes that the child's mother noticed the injuries and reported the case to the police in the eastern town of Pozarevac, leading to the arrest of M.Z.

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West gives Vucic plan for Kosovo - "and if he refuses..."

The paper says that the plan is "better for Serbia than all of the previous ones, but still unacceptable to Vucic."

"The United States and Western countries have submitted their principles, but for us it is insufficiently good," an unnamed source "familiar with the details of the proposal" has been quoted as saying.

Suspect found hiding after murder of mother of 3

The woman, whose initials are J.G., was most likely killed with "a sharp object," local media said on Monday, adding that the victim was the mother of three children.

Begrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti said the police were looking for I.R., who is suspected of committing the murder, and that he was found later on Monday, hiding in the attic of a nearby building.