ANM: Code Orange of snowfall and snowstorm in 13 counties

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) on Wednesday issued a series of Code Yellow and Code Orange alerts of snowfall and blizzard in the mountainous and sub-mountainous areas, respectively a bad weather information targeting the entire country, which will take effect on Thursday morning.

Weather Forecast: Cloudy and Windy

It will be cloudy and windy today. It will be raining, in the Pre-Balkans and the high fields of Western Bulgaria snowing, but with the temperature drop by the end of the day and overnight, the rain throughout the country will turn to snow. Significant snowfall expected in the Rhodope Mountains, on Wednesday night in the Pre-Balkans and northeastern Bulgaria, as well.

Blizzard shuts down ski resort in Pella, northern Greece

Heavy snowfall and gale-force winds shut down the popular ski resort of Vora-Kaimaktsalan in Pella, northern Greece, on Tuesday.

Resort manager Panos Panagiotopoulos told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that a fierce blizzard kicked up in the area in the early hours of Tuesday, making conditions hazardous at the popular winter destination.

Code Yellow advisory of blizzard in 27 counties until Wednesday evening; wind, mixed precipitations, rest of Romania

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) updated on Monday the Code Yellow advisory of blizzard issued on Sunday and extended the number of counties to be affected by the bad weather to 27 from 12.

Moreover, the advisory for mixed precipitations and wind valid for the rest of the country was extended until Wednesday evening at 20:00hrs.

Code yellow advisories of snow and blizzards for 20 counties to become valid Tuesday evening

Code yellow advisories of abundant snowfall and blizzards will become valid starting this evening for 20 counties of Romania, with precipitation and winds picking up speed to be expected in the remaining counties, according to the National Weather Administration (ANM).

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and his frozen beard (photos)

The spiritual head of the Christian Orthodox faith, Patriarch Bartholomew is very fond of the snow. It is no surprise then that he took the opportunity to go for a stroll in the covered streets of Constantinople. He walked through the streets around the Fanari under a near snow blizzard but seemed to enjoy every moment.