Bobov Dol

Ombudsman Starts Probe into 'Feudal' Working Conditions in Bobov Dol

Bulgaria's National Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev has referred to the Labor Inspectorate over working conditions at the controversial Bobov Dol mine.

He said on the BNT he was appalled at the "disgraces [shown] as a background to allegations and hidden cameras [reporting] of ballot-buying and corporate voting".

Bulgarian Polling Agencies Form 'Carthel' Before EU Vote - Expert

A carthel agreement is in force among Bulgaria's polling agencies ahead of the European elections on Sunday, a prominent political scientist has warned.

Antoniy Galabov told the Bulgarian National Radio that it "functions through various polling agencies" and has dimensions different from [those of] sociology.

Bulgaria's Prosecution Launches Probe into Bobov Dol Vote Affair

Bulgaria's Prosecuting Authority has started an investigation into claims of controlled vote in the Bobov Dol coal mines days ahead of the European elections.

The move was prompted by private channel NOVA TV's report which shows the mine's chief as reminding to workers the number of the ballot which they are to cast on Sunday.

Bulgaria's Kovachki Wants to Operate Freight Transport

A company in close relation with Hristo Kovachki, a controversial Bulgarian businessman, has sought a license to operate railway freight transportation.

Bulgaria's Transport Ministry is to dedice in a few months whether to grant a permit to the entity, according to officials who confirmed for the daily Trud that such request had been received at the Ministry.