Blonde bombshell Julia Nova returns to TV screen (photos)

The evening TV game show “Wheel of Fortune” has returned to our small screens, and even if you might not be a fan of TV shows, you can definitely appreciate the beauty of the show’s blonde bombshell co-hostess Julia Nova. She has also returned and is ready to bring good fortune to the game’s players and the evenings of the male viewers!

Tourism-related investments hit trouble in Greece

New York property developer Mike Angeliades has wanted to create a golf resort in his native Greece for a quarter of a century. But just when the plan seemed within reach, the past caught up with him. Three years ago Angeliades won a state-sanctioned competition to develop a beachfront property on Rhodes, the Aegean island he left as a teenager.

Imagine having this sexy shrink as your doctor? (video)

At some point in our lives we might go through rough patches that could even lead us to a shrink’s couch. But just imagine if the doctor listening to your most inner thoughts looked like Dominique Chatzioannidou. That’s right, this blonde bombshell has her own practice in Thessaloniki and gives advice to people on their lives.

Claudia Romani sends social message in sexy seaside pose (photos)

“When I was younger I tried to be “perfect”.. now I just try to be the best I can according to my body type !! I m all #natural and my pics are pretty much all #candids .. I say .. just try to be the best version of yourself !!”, wrote TV persona Claudia Romani on her instagram post.

Hot Arianny topless in Mexico! (photos-video)

Arriany Celeste is arguably one of the UFC’s sexiest ring girls. Although the company reportedly only pays its card-bearing hotties a meagre 20,000 dollars a year, the brunette bombshell has managed to break the 1 million dollar earning mark through her other ventures, mainly endorsement deals. With her fantastic physique Arianny became a cover girl for Maxim, among other magazines.

No sex before fiancé’s game, says disappointed Kate Upton (video)

Kate Upton made some juicy revelations on her sexual routine with fiancé, and baseball star for the Detroit Tigers, Justin Verlander. During her interview on the show “On Watch What Happens Live” the 24-year-old blonde bombshell responded to a caller’s question on whether she had sex before or after a game go her husband.