Investment grade bestowed

The decision late on Friday by German credit rating agency Scope Ratings to upgrade Greek debt to BBB-, that is, investment grade, comes on the heels of a similar decision by Japanese firm R&I and provides hopes that the "big four" ratings firms recognized by the European Central Bank - Fitch, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and DBRS - will move in the same direction, bestowing an investment

Bond yields reaching EU average

Greek bond yields have fallen fast and currently the 2- and 10-year-bonds are trading at around the European average, 3.31% and 3.8% respectively.

Since the European Central Bank (ECB) started raising its rates to fight inflation, Greek borrowing costs have dropped by almost 10%, even as other eurozone members have seen their own inching upward.

Greece auctions 5-year bonds

The Greek state on Wednesday borrowed 250 million euros from the markets at an interest rate of 3.3%, by auctioning Greek bonds maturing on June 15, 2028.

During the auction, carried out by the Public Debt Management Agency, the total bids amounted to €1.046 billion.

The settlement date is Wednesday, July 26. 

Greece raises €3.5 bln from 15-year bond sale

Greece on Tuesday raised 3.5 billion euros in cash and bonds from a new 15-year bond issue, its debt agency said, marking the nation's first bond sale since June's national election.

Investor demand topped 13 billion euros and the final pricing was set at mid-swaps plus 125 basis points, a yield of about 4.42%, the Public Debt Management Agency said in a filing.