Cyprus raises 1 bln euros from its first sustainable bond

Cyprus launched its first sustainable bond on Tuesday as governments took advantage of high demand for such assets following weeks of wild swings in bond markets.

Nicosia raised 1 billion euros from its first sustainable bond, the country's debt office said, becoming the latest European government to enter the market.

Greece to issue 5-year bond

Greece is proceeding on Wednesday with its second market foray for 2023, barring any unforeseen circumstances, with the issuance of a new five-year bond. Its aim is to capitalize on the positive climate that exists in the bond market but also to avoid any possible instability that may stem from the pre-election period.

Greek bonds unaffected by extension of pre-election period

Political developments after the railway tragedy have certainly moved onto investors' radar, however, they are not seen as a risk on the bond market, as yields have stayed put.

Moving the elections to May instead of early April, with the second polls expected in the summer, increases the time of the pre-election period.

Constitutional Court throws out recourse for bailed-in bank investors

In a landmark ruling Slovenia's top court has abrogated a law that required the Slovenian central bank to compensate those who lost their investments during the banking sector bailout of 2013, when roughly tens of thousands of holders of shares and junior bonds were completely wiped out.

Greece months away from investment-grade rating, central banker tells FT

Greece is close to regaining its investment-grade credit rating in 2023, after 12 years of relegation to junk status, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

"We think that 2023 is the year will get the investment grade," Greek central bank chief Yannis Stournaras said in an interview with the paper, urging the country's next government to maintain fiscal prudence.