J-Lo shakes her booty on stage for a good cause (video)

Jennifer Lopez showed off her dancing skill at the SOMOS Live concert, which was dedicated to raising funds for the victims of the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico.
The explosive Latina singer opened the concert that was broadcast live on TV with a unique interpretation of her great success “Let’s get loud.”

This hot woman claims she has the best bubble butt ever (RACY PHOTOS)

Fact: Brandi Love has a sexy, voluptuous boobs, however, we should not forget her bubble booty. Now, rumors have it that she claims hers is the best looking there is…

Hmm… Quite a statement, if true!

Well, you should be the judge of that, though.

So what is your verdict?

It would help in MANY different ways, if you clicked to enlarge the photos….

Some inspiration to get off your butts and hit the gym (photos)

One of the most difficult things to do for both women and men is find inspiration or some sort of drive to get their butts off the couch and do some exercise. Because, especially for women, if you do not manage to do those squats that butt will eventually “leave” you…And what better inspiration than to look at the results some of the most famous booty trainers have achieved through training.

‘Bare essentials’ bridesmaids new thing at weddings (hot pics)

There are different kinds of sexy and kinky traditions at bridal parties. Some of us might be familiar, for example, with the ‘commando’ kilt wearers at some Scottish traditional weddings. A new sexy craze catching on is the ‘bridesmaids booty flashing! Enjoy some of the naughty girls taking part!