Border control

More exceptions added for entering Slovenia without quarantine

Ljubljana – The government has expanded the list of exceptions for entry in Slovenia without quarantine or the need to produce a negative PCR test, to include accredited journalists and persons who enter the country for emergency reasons. Coronavirus tests performed in the US and UK have meanwhile been added to the list of valid tests at border crossings.

Lines of trucks and long waiting hours at main Western border crossing points

Large lines of trucks formed, on Tuesday morning, at the main crossing points on the border with Hungary, on the way out of Romania, due to the restrictions applied to heavy traffic until Monday evening, so that drivers are forced to wait between 80 and 420 minutes to reach border control.

Info for Travelers: Stringent Rules on Entering Germany, Turkey Issues Special HES Code

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds that following the alerts for stopped Bulgarian citizens travelling by public transport and entering Germany from the Czech Republic, that, strict rules for admitting foreign nationals are valid for Germany due to the COVID-19restrictive measures

Tourism ministers urge predictability of border crossing regimes

Ljubljana – EU ministers in charge of tourism have agreed it is important to ensure simple and predictable border crossing regimes, as they held a virtual meeting on Monday. This effort will expectedly be made easier with a digital vaccination passport the EU intends to propose later this month.

28 immigrants caught while trying to illegally cross Hungarian border

The western Arad border police have found, within the last 24 hours, 28 immigrants who were trying to illegally get out of Romania, hidden in trucks or walking in the field, all being from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. In a truck driven by a Romanian, verified at the Nadlac II Border Crossing, there were six immigrants found.

Border Police activity report: 60 pct plunge in cross-border traveler numbers in 2020

Romania's border traffic plunged almost 60 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year, as approximately 28.5 million people moved in or out of the country. "Traffic values at the border checkpoints stood at about 28.5 million people (23.8 million EU citizens and 4.7 million non-EU citizens), both on the inbound and on the outbound.