Border control

Bulgarian Border Police Thwart Over 170,000 Illegal Entries in 2023

Bulgaria's border police have been working tirelessly to prevent illegal entry into the country, successfully thwarting more than 170,000 attempts by citizens of third countries since the start of this year. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the Bulgarian-Turkish border has been the epicenter of this migratory pressure, accounting for over 99% of the total incidents.

Migrant testimonies point to a recurring practice of illegal pushbacks from Greece

A leading international medical charity alleged Thursday that testimony from dozens of migrants over the past two years points to a "recurring practice" of secret, illegal and often brutal deportations back to Turkey from two eastern Greek islands.

Greece urges Frontex not to pull out of the country as questions mount over migrant deaths

Greece's new minister for migration said Monday he would consider it "unthinkable" for the European Union to pull out its border protection force from the country, and promised to address a growing list of international grievances over dealing with migrants.

Border guard contracts renewed

The financing for the renewal of the term of office of 800 fixed-term border guards in the eastern Aegean has been decided by the managing authority of the Migration Ministry.

The move aims to strengthen the operational capacity of the Hellenic Police for the protection and surveillance of the country's external borders.