Boris Tadić

Vucic on Kostunica's proposal: Implement it, and I will resign immediately

"I have great respect for our presidents, Boris Tadic, Vojsilav Kostunica and Tomislav Nikolic, respectively. I have a question for you - what does it mean exactly - a Hong Kong model? Who will accept this from Albanians, who have declared independence during your and Tadic's term of office? Why didn't you accept it back then?", Vucic asked at a news conference.

"Russophobe NATO enthusiast" - opposition politician slammed

Djuric, who also serves as director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, added on Wednesday that Jeremic, Serbia's former foreign minister, was part of a regime during which relations between the two nations and states had been brought to "the lowest level in history."

Djuric's reaction came after Jeremic said that Russia "supports Serbia, but not its current authorities."