Boyko Borisov: Monday Deadline for Mandate Fulfillment or Election Announcement

GERB leader Boyko Borisov declared to journalists in Plovdiv that by Monday, either the mandate will be fulfilled or it will be clear that elections are imminent, as reported by BTA. Borisov indicated that if Maria Gabriel succeeds in assembling a cabinet she can effectively lead, their party will offer her 69 votes.

Boyko Borisov Votes with a Paper Ballot: Is there a Functioning Machine, or Have They Run Out?

Boyko Borisov chose to cast his vote with a paper ballot in Bankya today.

"Is there a functioning machine, or are there none left?" Borisov jokingly asked the members of the Electoral Commission upon entering. He then emphasized that, given the recent events in Sofia and Varna, he preferred to vote with a paper ballot.

In Memorim: Greet Singer of the Mystry of the Bulgaian Voices Choir Passed away at 80

The great Bulgarian folk singer Olga Borisova passed away at the age of 80, her colleagues from the Svetoglas formation said.

"Olga Borisova went through life with the aspiration of sublime and pure ideas, turning them into light, mission and inspiration for many people," they wrote in Facebook.

In Another Twist Boyko Borisov Orders Restoration of Disbanded Coronavirus Task Force

Resigned PM Boyko Borisov has appeared for the first time in months in front of the media. He avoided the journalists for a long time and even after the work of the 45th National Assembly began.

His press conference was presented to the media quickly - with a message at 8.33 to be held at 9.30 in the Sunday morning.

PM Borisov Takes One Day Leave Instead of Going for Hearing in Parliament

With a surprise leave, the newly resigned Prime Minister Borisov avoided the hearing from the new parliament.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov continued to avoid being heard by parliament in the new National Assembly. He took leave for tomorrow, the day MPs summoned him to speak about work on the European Union's Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

Maya Manolova: Borissov Wants to Stay in Power for Life

Boyko Borissov insists on convening the Grand National Assembly to remain prime minister for life, wrote leader of "Stand" Maya Manolova on Facebook commenting on the today's proposal of the Prime Minister to convene the Grand National Assembly.

In her words, it's the second time that Borissov uses the Constitution as a means for him to stay in power.