Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbian MFA: Becirovic misused commemorative event, no "Greater Serbia" declarations

BELGRADE - In a reaction to accusations levelled against Serbia by Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Denis Becirovic, the Serbian MFA said on Thursday Becirovic had used a commemorative event to promote his anti-Serb programme, rather than to help reconciliation or enhance internal cohesion and political dialogue within his own country.

Power blackout hits Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Croatia’s Adriatic coast

Montenegro, Bosnia and most of Croatia's Adriatic coast where temperatures approached 40 degrees Celcius, experienced a major power blackout on Friday, according to Montenegro power distributor CEDIS and local media.

"Almost the entire area of Montenegro is without power due to network outages," CEDIS said on its Facebook page.

Vucevic: I am concerned over developments in region

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Thursday he was very concerned over developments in the region and that, following the adoption of a Srebrenica resolution, he was afraid of what might start happening from the autumn or in 2025, when he expects "barrages of initiatives" to change the Dayton Agreement.

Djuric: Serbia unequivocally supports Dayton Agreement

BELGRADE - Serbian FM Marko Djuric met with Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador to Belgrade Aleksandar Vranjes on Wednesday to discuss current topics and affairs of mutual significance.

Djuric noted that Serbia wanted the best possible cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina and was fully committed to further deepening of political, economic, cultural and all other relations.

Vucevic: US embassy demonstrated fundamental lack of knowledge of Dayton Agreement

BELGRADE - Serbian PM Milos Vucevic said on Tuesday evening he was not surprised by a negative reaction from the US embassy in Sarajevo to the recent All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade but that he was surprised the embassy had demonstrated a fundamental lack of knowledge of the Dayton Agreement and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution, especially when it comes to property belonging to the coun