Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Capital’s University Revokes Izetbegovic’s Teaching Post

The Senate of Sarajevo University revoked the teaching contract of Sebija Izetbegovic, director of the Sarajevo Clinical Centre and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in the Bosnian capital, removing her as a full professor at the Faculty of Medicine on Wednesday. 

Bosnian Capital’s Vote to Shorten School Classes in Ramadan Draws Criticism

The Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly, one of ten cantons in Bosnia's mainly Bosniak and Croat-dominated Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, has voted to shorten school classes in the Muslim Ramadan to give extra time to observant pupils and teachers to break the religious fast. 

Bosnian Serb Govt ‘Ends Cooperation’ With UK, US Embassies

The government of Republika Srpska, one of two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said it would "end cooperation" with US and UK embassies in the country from Thursday, in reaction to recently imposed US sanctions on the director of the Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs of Republika Srpska, RUGIPP, Dragan Stankovic.

Bosnia Seeks Wartime Army Commander’s Extradition from Turkey

The Bosnian state court told BIRN that it has written to the Turkish authorities seeking the extradition of Sakib Mahmuljin, who was jailed for eight years for failing to stop Middle Eastern volunteer fighters mistreating and murdering captured Serb soldiers, medical staff and civilians, but failed to appear to start serving his sentence.

Golob’s visit underscores Bosnia-Herzegovina a priority for Slovenia

Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob underlined his choice of Bosnia-Herzegovina for his first official visit abroad by announcing in Sarajevo on 13 March that Slovenia wanted to be Bosnia's strongest ally. Golob pledged extensive technical support in Bosnia's EU membership efforts, speaking of a historic opportunity in the face of a changed attitude to enlargement.

Top Bosnian Croat Politician Accused of Supporting War Criminal

Three war victims' associations on Monday urged Bosnia and Herzegovina's top international official, High Representative Christian Schmidt, to intervene to remove Lidija Bradara as president of the Bosniak and Croat-dominated Federation entity over her links to a war criminal who she called a "friend", N1 TV reported.

US, EU, Slate Bosnian Serb Push to Designate NGOs as ‘Foreign Agents’

The EU and US have criticised plans by Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, president of Bosnia's mainly Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity, to push a new Russian-style law which would allow the entity to mark civil society and non-governmental organisations as "foreign agents".