Bosnia and Herzegovina–Croatia relations

Serbian Court Urged to Convict Bosnian War Prison Commander

Serbia's war crimes prosecutor said in his closing statement to Belgrade Higher Court on Thursday that all the evidence showed that Husein Mujanovic was guilty of abusing Serbs held at a wartime prison that he commanded in Hrasnica.

Prosecutor Mioljub Vitorovic said the evidence "indisputably established that Husein Mujanovic committed the criminal act with which he is charged".

Forgotten Victims: Bosnian Croat Fighters Never Tried for Elderly Civilians’ Murders

He recalled how the unknown soldier then told his father: "Turn around and look at your house one last time."

Alija Konjhodzic never saw his father again.

After the arrest, he went to the military police station to try to find out why his father had been taken.

Bosniak Soldier’s Appeal Against Prisoner Abuse Conviction Rejected

The Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that former Bosnian Army soldier Edhem Zilic's challenge to the verdict convicting him of war crimes against civilians was unfounded.

"The Constitutional Court has determined that the appellant's right to a fair trial was not violated," the court said in its decision.

Third Entity Would Destroy Bosnia’s Croat Political Elite

Their real goal is maintenance of the political status quo, which allows them to stay in power, manage their patronage networks and avoid prosecution.

While most of the Croat population in Bosnia and Herzegovina would support the creation of a separate Croat entity, or even secession, the elites would lose too much to genuinely support such a policy.

Exhibition Tells Bosnian Women’s Tales of War and Peacetime

The exhibition opening in Belgrade. Photo: Igor Coko.

'Peace with Women's Face', an exhibition about women's experiences of surviving the 1992-1995 Bosnian war and overcoming the consequences in the post-conflict era, runs until March 17 at the Youth Initiative for Human Rights NGO's exhibition space in Belgrade.

‘The Elderly Were Liquidated’: An Unprosecuted Bosnian Village Atrocity

According to a judgment handed down in a trial at the Hague Tribunal, there was no direct combat in Susanj on June 8, 1993. Former Bosnian Army officers also deny fighting in Susanj. But domestic courts have said that there were at least nine civilian deaths that day, and almost three decades later, relatives of the victims are still waiting for the perpetrators to face justice.

Bosnian Army Ex-Officer Convicted over Croat Civilians’ Killings

The Bosnian state court in Sarajevo on Monday found Enver Buza, the former commander of the Bosnian Army's Independent Prozor Battalion, guilty of contravening provisions of international humanitarian law on the protection of civilians during wartime, and sentenced him to 12 years in prison.