Bosnia and Herzegovina

From Bosnia to Ukraine, Exhibition Documents Struggle for Peace

Award-winning Anglo-American photographer Gary Knight told BIRN that the idea for the project, which also includes a book and a series of short films, came to him in 2003 on his return from Iraq, where he had been photographing the US invasion and wondering when the conditions for peace would be met in the Middle Eastern country.

Serbian Court Urged to Jail Bosnian Wartime Prison Camp Official

Prosecutor Dusan Knezevic on Thursday asked Belgrade Higher Court to hand down a six-year prison sentence to Osman Osmanovic, who is accused of abusing civilians and prisoners of war at the Rasadnik camp in Gornji Rahic in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Brcko area during the summer of 1992.

EU Doubles Bosnia Peacekeepers as Global Security ‘Deteriorates’

European Union Force EUFOR troops attend the handover ceremony of their chief-of-staff in Sarajevo, 7 May 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/FEHIM DEMIR

"The deterioration of the security situation internationally has the potential to spread instability to Bosnia and Herzegovina," EUFOR said on Thursday.