Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Army Ex-Soldiers Convicted of Crimes Against Serb Prisoners

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court has sentenced Mustafa Divjan to ten years in prison and Alija Gazibara to two years for crimes against civilians in the Ilidza area during wartime, the court told BIRN.

Divjan was found guilty of killing two Serb civilian prisoners on April 22, 1993 while he was a member of the Bosnian Army's Fourth Motorised Brigade.

Croatian politician defends Dodik: "It's not him"

He pointed out that there are many sources of misunderstanding in Bosnia-Herzegovina and that relations must be considered in more detail.
"When it comes to Mr Dodik, his unusual expression, someone may like it or not, but he is supported by the largest number of representatives of the Serb people in Bosnia-Herzegovina," Covic told HRT, as reported by Srna.

Montenegro Arrests Ex-Soldier for Suspected Bosnian War Crimes

Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor Lidija Vukcevic. Photo: PR Centar.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina's Prosecutor's Office transferred this case to the relevant judicial authorities of Montenegro. There is a suspicion that Pekovic was involved in killing two Bonsiaks and raping and sexually abusing civilians in Foca," Vukcevic said.