How Turkey’s Extremist ‘Grey Wolves’ Built a Cell in Bosnia

Cakalli is the founder of an informal Bosnian branch of a Turkish far-right group known as the Grey Wolves (Bozkurtlar), some of whose members support neo-fascist ideas. The Grey Wolves are officially called Idealist Hearths (Ulku Ocaklari) and their organisation is affiliated with the far-right Nationalist Movement Party, MHP, which is an ally of the Turkish ruling party.

Serbian Ministry to Probe Playing of Anti-Bosniak Song in School

Serbian Education Ministry said on Thursday evening that it will carry out a review at the at the Vasa Stajic School in the northern city of Novi Sad and that "the provincial inspection will take action" to find out who was responsible after children aged 10 and 11 and a teacher were filmed dancing to an anti-Bosniak song.

Start of Bosnian Serb General’s Trial Postponed in Serbia

The first hearing in the trial of wartime Bosnian Serb Army Drina Corps commander Milenko Zivanovic, accused of crimes against Bosniaks from Srebrenica in 1995, was postponed by Belgrade Higher Court on Monday so Serbian officials can consider the offer of a formal transfer of the case from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Istanbul Mayor: Erdogan Won’t Win Next Presidential Race

According to opinion polls, Imamoglu would beat Erdogan, whose popularity has suffered as a result of a series of political and international crises, and mostly due to the grave economic crisis.

He is cautious about his own prospects. "The opposition parties will work very selectively to decide the best presidential candidate," Imamoglu said.

Would Turkey intervene militarily in Bosnia-Herzegovina? "A main obstacle is Russia"

Unlike in the 1990s, Turkey is now a geopolitically stronger force, intervening in Syria and Libya without anyone's permission, so its potential engagement in Bosnia-Herzegovina is possible.
Ankara already has military bases in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is in a stronger situation than it was in Syria or Libya.

Serbia Overturns Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldier’s Wartime Rape Conviction

The Appeals Court in Belgrade on Tuesday upheld Dalibor Krstovic's appeal and quashed the first-instance verdict convicting him of raping a female Bosniak prisoner while she was being detained at an elementary school in the Bosnian town of Kalinovik during the war in August 1992.