Dacic: Wahhabists biggest threat to Muslims, we should fight against terrorism together

BELGRADE - Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday he had spoken with members of the Bosniak community following a recent terrorist attack in which a Wahhabist wounded a gendarme outside the Israeli embassy in Belgrade, and added that he expected to see cooperation with the Islamic community in the fight against terrorism.

Brnabic: I have never been as concerned about peace in Balkans as I am now

BELGRADE - Commenting on Thursday's UN General Assembly session on a Srebrenica resolution, Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said she had never been as concerned about peace in the Balkans as she was at this time.

Speaking to Pink TV, Brnabic said she had also never been more concerned about what life in Bosnia and Herzegovina would look like after the vote on the resolution.

Vucic: I do not understand why US, Germany want Srebrenica resolution

MOSTAR - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Tuesday he did not understand why countries like Germany and the US wanted a Srebrenica resolution passed in the UN as it was "deeply divisive for peoples in the Balkans" and taking them back to the past.

How Srebrenica’s Mothers Brought Their Murdered Sons Home

"First they wanted the graveyard to be located on the mountains above Srebrenica, it's called Otave Plato," Malic told BIRN at the Centre for Elderly Mothers of Srebrenica in the village of Potocari, the care home where she lives now, less than a kilometre away from the Memorial Centre.

Descendants of Bosnian and Armenian Migrants Keep Ancient Ways Alive in Albania

Kapidani is cataloguing any documents that he can find about his ancestors. "We've collected documents and testimonies from the elders, aiming to reconstruct their trip by land and sea," Kapidani told BIRN.

Back in the 1870s, Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most culturally diverse parts of the Balkans, was mired in a multisided conflict.

Bosnians Commemorate Tuzla Massacre, Demanding Justice for Victims

Relatives of the victims, local residents and politicians were among hundreds of people who gathered on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the massacre in the Kapija area of Tuzla, known as the 'crime against Tuzla's youth' - one of the deadliest attacks on civilians during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.