Bosniaks of Serbia

Dacic: Wahhabists biggest threat to Muslims, we should fight against terrorism together

BELGRADE - Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday he had spoken with members of the Bosniak community following a recent terrorist attack in which a Wahhabist wounded a gendarme outside the Israeli embassy in Belgrade, and added that he expected to see cooperation with the Islamic community in the fight against terrorism.

Serbia has voted - it is known what the Parliament will look like

The electoral list of Aleksandar Vui - Serbia must not stop has the absolute majority, which won 46.99 percent of the votes, i.e. 131 mandates.
The Serbia Against Violence list won 23.18 percent of the vote, or 65 mandates.
Socialist Party of Serbia - 6.62, more precisely 18 mandates.

Erdogan Election Victory in Turkey Celebrated Across Balkans

In the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, people gathered around the Sebilj Fountain in the city's old town and waved Turkish flags andf posters of Erdogan and his party. Photo:

In the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, people gathered around the Sebilj Fountain in the city's old town and waved Turkish flags and posters of Erdogan and his party. The group later made a convoy touring the city.

Bosniak Politicians Campaign for Erdogan in Turkish Elections

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at the cornerstone ceremony for the Belgrade-Sarajevo highway in Sremska Raca, Serbia, 8 October 2019. Photo: EPA-EFE/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC

They sent messages over the weekend via social media, and paid visits and joined meetings and political rallies in Turkey itself.

Vučić in Raška district: "Only in peace, respect and understanding, we can progress"

President of Serbia visited Novi Pazar, where he attended the marking of the start of works on the reconstruction and extension of the "Novi Pazar" General Hospital.
Vui will then visit the rural tourist farm "Toplina due" in the village of Pavlica.
An address to the citizens of Kraljevo is scheduled at 6 p.m.

Bosniak Former Political Leader’s War Crimes Trial Set for September

It was announced at a status conference at the Bosnian state court on Wednesday that the high-profile trial of prominent wartime political leader Ejup Ganic and nine other defendants who are accused of involvement in war crimes in the high-profile Dobrovoljacka Street case will begin on September 21.

Wartime Bosniak Leader Pleads Innocent to Attack on Yugoslav Troops

Ten people including Ejup Ganic, a Bosniak former political leader who was a member of Bosnia's presidency during the war, pleaded not guilty at the Bosnian state court on Tuesday to committing war crimes against prisoners of war and civilians in the controversial Dobrovoljacka Street case.