Bosnian War

Dacic on draft Srebrenica resolution: The strong can do anything - we will fight

BELGRADE - Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said on Thursday there was no genocide that had not been committed by countries that had signed up to a draft UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica, and added that "the powerful can do anything" but that Serbia would fight against its adoption.

How Srebrenica’s Mothers Brought Their Murdered Sons Home

"First they wanted the graveyard to be located on the mountains above Srebrenica, it's called Otave Plato," Malic told BIRN at the Centre for Elderly Mothers of Srebrenica in the village of Potocari, the care home where she lives now, less than a kilometre away from the Memorial Centre.

In Depopulated Srebrenica, Shuttered Shops and Open-Hearted People

Driven by curiosity, we walked into the building the music was coming from, which is called The House of Good Tones. Hilda Djozic, office manager of the House, tells us later on that what we heard was a rehearsal by one of the youngest bands they have, and that the drummer was a seven-year-old girl.