Bosnian War

Bosnian Serb arrested at the border on Interpol charges

A Bosnian Serb who was arrested at the Evzones border crossing on Thursday afternoon on an arrest warrant issued by Interpol was led before a prosecutor in Thessaloniki on Friday.
The 46-year-old is wanted in Bosnia-Herzegovina on charges of attempted murder. He was identified during passport control.

Bosnia Ponders Where to Hold Former Syria Fighters

The Bosnian Minister for Human Rights and Refugees on Thursday said families of former Islamic State fighter in Syria might be accommodated near the southwest city of Mostar at the Selakovac reception centre.

"If they have no other place to stay, they may be placed in this centre. Salakovac is a possible option," Semiha Borovac told the media.

Convictions Urged for Bosnian Ex-Policemen Accused of Abusing Serbs

In its closing statement at the state court in Sarajevo on Thursday, the prosecution said it had proved that former police officers Ibro Merkez, Predrag Bogunic and Esef Huric were guilty of unlawful detention, murder, inhumane treatment and the deprivation of the right to a fair trial between July 1992 and February 1993.

Bosnian Croat Ex-Fighter Faces Extradition after Arrest in US

Robert Kovacic, a former member of the Croatian Defence Council wanted for war crimes, was arrested last month in the United States on a warrant issued by Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is now awaiting an extradition hearing in a US court in July.

Kovacic, now 66, was arrested in Roanoke, Virginia on May 16. He is currently in custody in the US and his extradition is pending.

Bosnian Serb Ex-Official Blames Army Officer for Massacre

Tomislav Kovac, who was deputy interior minister in the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity in July 1995, when the Kravica massacre happened, told Belgrade Higher Court on Tuesday that Ljubisa Beara, who at the time was the security chief of the Main Headquarters of the Bosnian Serb Army, was to blame for the killings.