Turkish-German dialogue celebrated with art

This year, Berlin hosts an exclusive exhibition for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary for celebrating the Germany and Turkey dialogue.

The occasion is the 60th anniversary of the recruitment agreement between Germany and Turkey as a central commemorative date for social diversity and the 10th anniversary of the artist residency program on the Bosporus.

Swordfish caught in Istanbul Strait after 50 years

Fishermen have caught a swordfish in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait after approximately half a century since it was last seen in Turkish waters.

"It is good news to learn that an endangered species is seen in Istanbul Strait," Nuray Erkan, a professor from Istanbul University's Hydrology Faculty, told the daily Milliyet on Oct. 15.

Motocross legend crosses Istanbul Strait on specially designed bike

A world-famous motocross rider has crossed the European side of the Istanbul strait reaching the Asian side in 1.5 minutes by riding a specially designed bike on the Marmara Sea for an ice-cream advertisement.


"It was an unusual experience. Thanks to all who gave me this opportunity," legendary bike-rider Robbie Maddison said at a press conference on Aug. 25.