The Accused Vasil Bozhkov: I Have Photos, Records and Witnesses for 60 Million Given to PM Borissov and Minister Goranov

On Friday the investigative news site reported that the Prosecutor's Office had received official information detailing Vassil Bozhkov's claims he had given millions to PM Boyko Borissov and Finance Minister Vladislav Gouranov. The money would provide political protection, as well as keep a favorable law untouched.

Bulgaria’s Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov: Vasil Bozhkov, Pay your Debt to the State

Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov called on businessman Vasil Bozhkov to pay his debt to the state to the tune of EUR 359 million in unpaid taxes. Minister Goranov said that Vasil Bozhkov, to whom 11 indictments have been raised, including trading in influence and unlawful possession of cultural values, is another Bulgarian who is fleeing from justice.

Ministry of Justice Asked the UAE for the Extradition of Vasil Bozhkov

On February 15, 2020, the Ministry of Justice sent the request of the Prosecutor General for the extradition of Vasil Bozhkov to the Bulgarian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The documents translated into Arabic were also sent.

The letter of Minister Danail Kirilov to the UAE Minister of Justice and the extradition documents will be transmitted through diplomatic channels.

Bloomberg:Fugitive Gambling Tycoon Fights for his Vast Treasure Trove

Public quarrels between politicians and rich businessmen over alleged links to organized crime are hardly new, especially in a country ranked among the most corrupt in Europe, Bloomberg reported.
The case of Vasil Bozhkov in Bulgaria, though, has captured the national imagination because it cuts to the heart of the Balkan country's heritage.

The Ministry of Culture Inspects Antiques in Bozhkov's Collection

The Prosecutor's Office instructed the Ministry of Culture to inspect the collection of antique objects kept and exhibited in a museum by the Thrace Foundation.

The foundation was established by gambling tycoon Vasil Bozhkov, who was recently detained in the United Arab Emirates.