Victoria’s Secret Angels suggest the perfect present for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and couples throughout the world have their own day to celebrate their love.

And what is the most suitable present for Valentine’s Day? Sexy lingerie, of course.

So, Victoria’s Secret Angels suggest many sensual lingerie that both women and men will love.

Women footballers play wearing just their underwear

“Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts. Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so, and they already have some different rules to men – such as playing with a lighter ball.” FIFA President Sepp Blatter had said ten years ago and the world laughed at his gaffe.

Watch Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge wearing $2million Fantasy Bra (vid)

Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge will wear the Fantasy Bra which costs $2million at the lingerie giant’s fashion show in December.

Vogue posted a video of supermodel dancing around in the Fireworks Fantasy Bra, which has 6,500 precious gems.

Stop terror, burn the bras, free the boobs

I will talk about boobs in this piece. No, not breasts, boobs. 

Those who are embarrassed to say ?boob? prefer to say ?breast? (?meme? and ?gö?üs? in Turkish). The Turkish Language Association (TDK) is included.

The TDK defines a brassiere, or bra, as ?women?s underwear made of fabric such as satin, lace to suspend breasts and show them round.?

Bombshell Sofia Vergara complains about her breast size in latest ‘Vanity Fair’

Sofia Vergara posed for Annie Leibovitz and “Vanity Fair” magazine this month, with an accompanying article reminding that Sofia has a “body for sin, and a mind for business”.


The 42-year-old Vergara spoke of her fiancé Joe Manganiello, her work, her plans and… her breasts.