Brexit, pandemic show cooperation is only way forward: EC chief in Slovakia

The need to work closely in health care and medicine was the major takeaway for the EU from COVID-19. "I remember very well when we started in the [European] Commission to gather data about rare diseases or cancer. It took months and months of negotiations with member states to allow the Commission to collect the data because medical issues are not in the EU's remit," Šucha says.

Ankara, Lonton to negotiate landmark free trade deal to include more sectors

While the trade ties between the U.K. and Turkey continue at full speed, the landmark free trade agreement is planned to be renegotiated to include more sectors in the next two years.

The U.K. officially quit the EU after 47 years of membership on Jan. 31, 2020, as the 27 members of the bloc approved the Brexit deal on Nov. 25, 2018.

Britain, France fail to resolve fish row, agree more talks

Britain and France on Nov. 4 failed to resolve a row on fishing rights that has threatened to turn into a post-Brexit trade war but vowed to press on with efforts to find a solution through dialogue.

Brexit Minister David Frost met French Europe Minister Clement Beaune in Paris and both sides emphasized the two would speak again early next week.

Winter / summer time switch still valid?

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the entire EU moves the clocks back one hour and switches from summer to winter, i.e. normal time calculation. In 2018, EU citizens decided in an online poll that the six month time shift should be abolished.
The European Commission and the European Parliament have agreed with the citizens of the EU.