Once Again the British Parliament is Postponing the Vote for Brexit

The British government will postpone the critical vote on Brexit, which was due to start on June 3rd. The delay is because of the supporters of leaving the EU protest and the rebates Theresa May made.

"We will update the House on the publication and introduction of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill on our return from the Whitsun recess.", government whip Mark Spencer announced.

EU Attention Finally Rests on the Balkans Amid Growing Chinese Influence

There are currently five major Balkan candidates for EU enlargement: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia and Turkey. While talks with Turkey have stuttered, the remaining countries could prove pivotal for the EU to continue its policy of enlargement of its union of democratic markets.

#EuropeanParliamentElections2019/Interview/UDMR's Kelemen: Fate of some communities should be just as important as pig slaughter or cucumber curvature

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor argues that it is in the interest of the Hungarian community to be strongly represented in the European Parliament (EP) and mentions that his political formation benefited, in the electoral campaign for the elections to the European Parliament, from the support of Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, as well as that of

Nathalie Loiseau: Britain Should not Exert its Political Crisis in Europe

Britain should not exert its political crisis in Europe, said Nathalie Loiseau, head of the President Emmanuel Macron's election campaign "La République En Marche!", Reuters reported.

"We respect the British. We ask them to allow us to go forward on our own path, and in the meantime we ask Britain not to export its political crisis over to the European Union," Loiseau told RTL radio.

Theresa May Begins the Talks With Her Ministers on The Details of the Promised "Bold Offer" for Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May begins the talks with her ministers on the details of the promised bold offer for Brexit.

She will try to win a majority for approval in parliament for the fourth time. The package of proposals which will be included in the EU exit bill is expected to be signed at the government meeting tomorrow, the British agency "Press Association" reported.

Theresa May Plans To Present MPs A New Package Of Measures For Brexit

"Theresa May said she will present a new bold offer to lawmakers with an improved package of measures in a final attempt to get the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill through parliament before she leaves office.", wrote Reuters, quoting an article in The Sunday Times newspaper.