Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny and Warm

The weather will be mostly sunny today. Around noon in eastern Bulgaria clouds will increase but no rain expected. There will be light northwest wind; in southeast Bulgaria - a light to moderate wind will blow from the northeast.

Maximum temperatures between 13C and 18C. The atmospheric pressure is higher than the average for March; it will slightly drop in the afternoon.

Restart: O2.TV becomes B92

The new, modern graphic design and television logo will accompany a refreshed programming concept - contemporary - diverse, for everyone's taste and for every age.
On this occasion, the creative team of the television has designed an interesting campaign that has attracted a lot of public attention over the past few days.

Pakistan Adopted a Strict Law on the Control of Social Networks

Pakistan announced that the newly adopted law will help the government monitor and mitigate online content that has to do with "terrorism, extremism, hate speech, fake news, incitement to violence and national security."

Critics of the new rules, however, say the government paves the way to mass censorship, Deutsche Welle writes.

Why Are Statistics Important?


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