France Prepares to Make French Main EU Language

The government of Emmanuel Macron is preparing plans to replace French as the official "working language" of the EU when France takes over the presidency of the EU Council in January 2022, a diplomat was quoted as saying by Politico. Paris sees its first post-Brexit leadership in the union as an opportunity to push its native language for the lingua franca of Brussels.

US and EU Will Create Council on Russian Policies

Participants fo the EU-US summit to be held in Brussels on June 15, will announce the creation of a trans-Atlantic "structured dialogue" in order to coordinate Washington and Brussels' policies with regard to Russia, a diplomatic source told TASS.

The EU external action service refused to give any official comment about the information.

Two carriers to fly between Ljubljana and Brussels during presidency

Ljubljana – Ljubljana will be connected to Brussels with regular flights during Slovenia’s presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of the year. The routes will be operated by carriers Brussels Airlines and Wizzair, Slovenia’s permanent representation in Brussels has said.

Slo daily newspaper says Eu Commission is being forged in crisis

The first 100 days of the Commission was marked by presentations of ambitious plans, however, these struck on grim reality.

"There is a mantra that the EU should be using the 'language of power'. But in the face of the first bigger international crisis, the escalation of tensions between Iran and the US at the start of the year, the EU remained on the margins."

The British Flag Was Removed from the European Institutions

Hours before Brexit the flag of the United Kingdom was taken down in the European institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

First, the British flag was taken down in front of the European Council in Brussels and then in front of the European Parliament buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg. Earlier this evening, the European flag was taken down in front of the British Office in the EU.

Hungary’s Varhelyi Cleared for EU Enlargement Post

Hungarian Oliver Varhelyi was cleared by the European Parliament as the bloc's new neighbourhood and enlargement commissioner on Monday, overcoming doubts among some MEPs about his ability to encourage and assess reform in aspiring member states in light of his own country's perceived backsliding on democracy.